Plastic Surgery

Manual lymphatic drainage speeds up the healing process by reducing swelling, fluid retention and bruising, increasing the removal of cellular debris and other waste from traumatized area.

•   Reduction of scar formation, prevents the build up of fibrotic nodules (hard lumps).

•    Improves skin texture and tone.

•   Decreases risks of infection by improving immune response.

•   Decreases pain and sensitivity.

•   Provides gentle and pleasant manual technique to support relaxation and relieves stress.





For orthopedic injuries, I address healing differently. By integrating the fascial system into my treatments, I create a holistic and personalized approach that aims to alleviate pain and promote overall well-being. This fusion of both manual lymphatic drainage and Myo-fascial release allows me to address both the structural and functional aspects of discomfort, offering a comprehensive solution tailored to each individual’s unique needs. Through this intricate combination of the lymphatic and fascial systems, I strive to provide a soothing and effective path towards pain relief and healing.

Are you ready to wake up feeling like your best self?


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